What To Look For When Choosing A Gaming Mouse

Choosing the right kind of gaming mouse is something that every gamer passes through. The search usually starts with a lot of advisory from friends on what kind of consoles or mice technology should be used but then end up on the internet. PC gaming Addict gives you the right advice on choosing a gaming mouse since they have been expert in the field for many years and know the nerve of the gamer.

It is usually the most difficult move of getting the right PC gaming gear since it involves a good investment. There are many parameters on which your decision on choosing a gaming mouse is based. But these factors really need to be perfectly categorized in your mind thinking what exactly is the need.

What To Look For When Choosing A Gaming Mouse

Decide How The Mouse Will Be Used

It all depends on the kind of game you want to play and therefore the function of the mice would differ differently. The people who are preferring to play FPS are more likely to settle down for deep waters since the FPS must determine the kind of DPI that would fit into it the best. DPI is simply the sensitivity. The higher the DPI you go for, the lower would be the movement that would be required to bring the pointer in the motion. This is the principle on which any FPS player runs. So, make up your mind to decide whether you want to go for a low DPI or high DPI.

On the other side of the table, are the RTS and MMO players which do not have to worry about the DPI much. Instead, the priority for such kind of players is the mice that use programming keys. With these programming keys, you are most likely to activate micros with the least movement of the finger.

Mouse Grip – Palm vs Claw cs Fingertip

Grip plays another important role in choosing a gaming mouse. Most of the time when one is using the mouse, there is a lot of sweating when the mouse is held for a prolonged time. In such a scenario, you tend to lose the grip over the mouse at times making you uncomfortable because the grip keeps on slipping. So, we have three types of grips that are ideal for your gaming need.

Palm Grip is an anti-sweat palm posture that would make your palm flat on the mouse.
Claw grip makes you hold the mouse with your palm on the mouse but your fingers are suspended in the claw formation.
Fingertip grip is the kind of grip that keeps your hand off the mouse except for your fingers.

Mouse Technology – Wireless VS Wired

Wire or Wireless is another mouse that you can use. It can be really irritating for you in the middle of the game when your mouse wire gets entangled in the other computer wires and the movement of your mouse gets restricted. Worst still, you try to give a shrug to the wire and you see the screen goes off because you have disturbed the monitor’s wire in the process of bringing freedom to your mouse’s wire. This is the time you should go with a wireless mouse.

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