Gaming Computer Review – The Cybertron 5150 Monster

Gaming Computer Review – The Cybertron 5150 Monster

Cybertron 5150 is a high-end gaming computer which has been built to provide a great gaming experience for video game players. But like most computers, it has both pros and cons. These points will be covered in this desktop pc review.



This computer is quite cheap compared to some other gaming computers but it can perform according to expectations. Its performance is boosted by an AMD Radeon HD 6670
graphics card which is capable of supporting almost all the high graphics games released recently. There’s no reason to be awed by this aspect of the machine as most modern gaming computers are capable of this. There are other computers with better graphics cards but since this machine comes at a cheap price, it is a good buy for gamers.


While assessing the worth of a computer it is important to consider whether its parts are upgradable. The graphics and other requirements for games are only going to increase in future so unless a machine provides decent options for upgrades, it will soon be discarded by gamers. Cybertron 5150’s graphics card is upgradable from AMD Radeon HD 6670 to NVIDIA Geforce GTX 770. The base processor can be upgraded from AMD FX–4100 to AMD FX-8350. The processor speed ranges from 3.6 to 4 gigahertz. However, the motherboard cannot be upgraded which is disappointing.
This desktop pc review will also cover two other computers of Cybertron, the Cybertron Shockwave, and Cybertron Patriot GM1293D desktop. The Cybertron Shockwave comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 which has 384 stream processors. It will not be possible for gamers to play most games released in 2013 and 2014 with high graphics settings if they use this graphics card. However, they have the option of upgrading to the AMD Radeon HD 7970 which has 2048 stream processors. This graphics card gives an awesome gaming experience and it is possible to play almost all recent games with high graphics using the AMD Radeon HD 7970.

Review Verdict

The final segment of this desktop PC review will be devoted to the assessment of Cybertron Patriot GM1293D. This PC comes with a dual-core A4-5300 3.4 gigahertz. The processor is not as good as the one in Cybertron 5150 but some high graphics games still run smoothly because the machine is equipped with an AMD Radeon HD 7480D graphics card. However, gamers may have to play games like Bioshock Infinite with low graphics settings. But at a price less than $500, this computer is quite satisfactory.

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