What Your Phone Case Is Saying About You

Your phone case is more than a protective covering, it is a statement about you as a person. Many people do not realize that their phone case is telling people about them. It is important that you know what your case is saying about you and determine if this is true or not.

The Classic Case

Classic Cell Phone Cases

If you have a standard, classic case for your phone, it tells people that you are responsible. You want to protect your phone, but you do not want to go too crazy while doing this. You will generally skip the trendy tech and patterns that are found in a lot of phone cases. For example, if you sport the cool LG and you’re looking for a really nice LG Stylo phone cases, there is no need to go overly flashy or flamboyant and ruin the classic phone look. Just pick a classic and practical case that suits the phone best.

The case you have will generally be one that goes with everything. Classic leather or a solid color will be the choice of the day.

The Conversation Starter

As much as you love your phone, you will generally hide it with a case that functions as an accessory on its own. Your case will often be shaped like fast-food, animals or any other product that is not a phone. The latest styles and most outlandish cases will generally be the ones that you look for first.

This type of case tells people that you like the different things in life. It also tells people that you never have to go digging around in your bag to find your phone again. Conversation starter cases also tell people that you see your phone as something more akin to an accessory.

The Understated Trend

A case with an understated trend shows that you are looking for something that is stylish but functional. You want to be able to protect your phone, but you want something with more style than the case your parents have. However, it also tells people that you are not looking for anything too flashy because that would not be practical.

The understated trend case will generally have classic prints and faux exotic skin. It offers you some of the classic case looks, but is different enough to ensure that you don’t mix your phone with your dad’s.

The Crazy Case

Weird Phone Cases

If you have a crazy case that is crystal-embellished and bold, it will tell people that you see no limit to the possibilities of glamour and glitz. It also tells people that you love the bold trends and will not be pressured into anything more subdued. You will often change the case on your phone to match your clothing or you have a favorite case for each day.

The crazy case means that you want people to notice your phone from a mile away. You also want your phone to tell everyone about you and what you like.

The Charger Case

The charger case tells people that you are always on the go and do not always have the time to charge your phone. It will also tell people that you are constantly doing something with your phone which requires you to be able to charge it at any time. You will generally be seen as tech-savvy and someone who likely has a backup phone in case the one you are using dies.

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