How to create an antagonist character for a video game

This is one of the most critical parts of a video game script, to create a villain who is hated as much as he is loved. It’s that simple and complicated because a bad guy has to give us repulsion and desire to finish him off right away, but at the same time, his story and his mystery have to attract us. It is something similar to the dark side of the force, always dark and evil but so attractive.

Gaming Characters

Three types of antagonists

The first thing to start describing a character from scratch and more when we do not have much experience writing is to look for a role model. In this article we will see four examples of bad guys, they all have something in common, we identify with them, we understand why they are bad, but we have to defeat them and there is no worse enemy than the one you do not want to defeat.

It’s bad, but we all know it’s good.

Darth Vader is the perfect example. It is ruthless but at all times we know that it has a good side. He is a mysterious character with a dark past, his dress is disturbing and we cannot see his face behind a mask.

It’s good but they made him too bad.

An example would be Magneto. We have the feeling that our enemy is powerful, unattainable, cruel … but we know his history and we know that his past is so hard that we understand why he has become bad. Magneto has the peculiarity of containing the essence that what he does is for a very specific cause but that we, the good ones, cannot allow him to achieve it even if we want to have him on our side.

It’s bad, it’s inhuman, cruel and selfish but powerful 

This type of bad is perfect if we want to have a story in which we want to defeat the enemy from the first second. The important thing is that his personality repulses us but his powers are super cool.

The bad guy that we do not realize is bad.

In many stories, we meet a kind teacher, who helps us to improve and grow, but who is really the bad guy in the shade. These types of antagonists are perfect for a brute turn in history.

Work on the antagonist

Once you have chosen a bad type, you have to design what your appearance will be, depending on the degree of mystery or supernatural of the project you will have to give it one aspect or another, but what you have to do is detail it to the maximum so that when a designer has to do it in pencil have all the information.

Now you have to create your personality. If we choose an antagonist of the third group, he should be petty, arrogant, arrogant and, above all, very violent. The best way to define it is to write a small paragraph in which there is a situation in which the character behaves in all these ways

What is your past? I like to think that all people are good at birth and that it is because of something that happens in life that they become bad. You have to create that event.

Every enemy has weapons or powers, from how he has achieved them, to how he uses them, there are many things you can describe. For example, it has a power that freezes people, and that power can only be used when it is in contact with a talisman that it carries over and that it stole from a sacred temple. With this description, you have created a game mechanic through the professional game app development company, which is to remove the talisman from the enemy so that it does not freeze us, simple, right?

Why do you hate our protagonist? This is essential, we must give him a reason to hate our protagonist, either because they share a past, an option always highly recommended, or because our protagonist unwittingly has something that our enemy wants.

Final Words

The enemy must have a very specific goal in history, indeed, it must be an obsession to achieve that goal. We cannot fall into the temptation to make a supernatural evil that is evil in itself and that only wants to destroy humanity by its very nature. Even those enemies have a why and a background story, the devil himself was an angel before. His passion will be his greatest weakness, this trick works to create a feeling that he is not invincible, if the player knows in some way his weak point will invite him to try to defeat him and if above that weak point is the objective of the game we have managed to unite them and make the plot more attractive.



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